Su E Side

Takes her name from Eastside Gallery, Berlin,where she lived, worked and partied with a huge family of travellers, punks, artists and party goers from all over the world. Saved from " The Gow" (aka Lesmahagow a small town in the west of Scotland) by mr "Bill" Alston who took her under his wing and taught her to draw and behave "properly".

Sue Steele then escaped to Glasgow School of Arts and under the tutorlage of "Jimmy" Robertson who told her "TO GO FOR IT"-where all hell broke loose and amongst all the painting and partying she found herself..A painter.

Towards the end of her time at GSA she came into contact with the travelling scene and was soon fully emersed in thatĀ flinging her into all sorts of crazy situations in a wide variety of countries, which led her to Berlin where the 2 loves of her life (travelling/alternative living and art) came togetherĀ in the form of the Mutoids and added a third...motherhood.

So she is in a happy place, dividing her time between Scotland and Mutonia doing the things she loves!

Ongoing in ra house 025)">
Ongoing in ra house 017)">


I work with groups of people of all ages, using recycled materials

  • masks
  • scrap art workshop by Sue Steele